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Manufacturing Facilities

The PACE TOBACCO GLOBAL INDUSTRIES factory in Mongla, Bangladesh is a modern operation strategically located directly across from the Mongla River shipping port, a bustling harbor that boasts direct sea access to international trade routes around the world.

Pace employs 150 local workers and produces more than 400 million sticks of cigars and cigarettes annually, with capability to produce in excess of 1 billion sticks.

Our factories efficiently manufacture a variety of products simultaneously, including regular and filter sizes from 11 mm to 24 mm, 97mm to 105mm HLP, 90mm to 120 mm shells and slide box.

Our manufacturing plant in Bangladesh is located in the Mongla Export Processing Zone (EPZ). The EPZ is a large area given special recognition by countries such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and others in order to facilitate business to international markets through a generalized system of preferences (GSP). The GSP gives favored treatment to factory operators inside the EPZ, largely in the form of reduced or eliminated import and export taxes.To learn more about the GSP and how to use it as a powerful financial tool for your company's success,  click here

To see the original United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 1988 document outlining and formalizing the GSP,  click here

Factory owners inside the EPZ recognize the financial and strategic benefits of building factories there, not only for their own business goals, but also for those of their customers. Reduced or eliminated customs import taxes, lower costs of manufacturing, direct port access and the opportunity to contribute to the economic success of a developing country are all conveyed to lower wholesale and retail pricing. The EPZ benefits Bangladesh immensely as it attracts price-conscious business owners who want to transmit lower costs of production to their valued customers.

The Pace factory was purposefully located across from the Mongla Port in order to facilitate import of our choice tobacco from Europe and Asia, and export of our finished goods. Our situation allows us to help our clients realize higher revenue and profit margin goals.

Disclaimer: Not all countries recognize the GSP. We recommend that you contact your government's relevant authorities to determine if your company is able to take advantage of the GSP duty-free benefits.